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Nefrofast Tablets

COMPOSITION – Taurine 500mg + Acetylcysteine 150mg


A sulphur-containing amino acid, improves symptoms and cardiac performance in humans with congestive heart failure.

A potential therapeutic tool for the preservation of endocrine pancreatic function in obesity and diabetes by improving glucose homeostasis and regulating B-, a-, and 5-cell morphophysiology.


Inhibit ROS-induced mesangial apoptosis and to be able to protect cells from glucose-induced inhibition of proliferation.

Combination of Taurine with N-acetylcysteine is useful in attenuating UACR and STGF-B1 levels in microalbuminuric type 2 diabetic patients.”

Combination therapy of taurine and N-acetylcysteine supplementation prevented glomerular damage in diabetes than their monotherapy.”

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