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Gocerin-GSM Tablets

COMPOSITION – Diacerein IP 50 mg + Glucosamine USP 750mg +Methylsulfonylmethane   USP 250mg


An aminosaccharide, effectively decreases the progression of arthritis.

Reduces cartilage degradation and decreases occurrence of GI adverse events in comparison to NSAIDS

* Maintain balance between synthesis and degradation of extracellular cartilage and on articular cartilage function.


An anthraquinone derivative, improves mobility and reduces the rate of joint space narrowing.

Reduces the macroscopic and microscopic lesions of the joint tissue

* Provides prolonged effect and good structure modifying efficacy.

Diacerein and Glucosamine combination provides relief from morning stiffness & muscle spasm and also promotes joint mobility.

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