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Colifine Drops

COMPOSITION – Alpha-amylase IP-20mg + Papain IP-10mg +Dill oil IP 2mg + Anise oil  IP 2 mg + Caraway Oil IP 2mg


a-amylase are enzymes that catalyses the digestion of carbohydrates into smaller oligosaccharides; it reduces the workload on the small intestine.

Energy-dense diet liquefied with amylase-rich flour (ARF) was well absorbed in children with acute diarrhea and there was a positive nitrogen balance that impacted in preventing weight loss during acute illness.


Papain, is a proteolytic enzyme from the proteases enzyme family (sourced from unripe papaya) is an excellent aid to digestion, it hydrolyzes proteins into short peptides

– This helps to digest the protein in food at acid, alkaline and neutral medium: can break down dietary proteins into amino acids and hence increases the digestibility of protein & improves assimilation.

Dill oil

-One of the most famous of traditional English remedies for infant colic. extolled in medicinal writings.

Dill’s warming and comforting qualities are indicated for gas and colicky digestion; it’s also an old folk remedy for hiccups.

Anise oil

Anise is very helpful for reducing gas and bloated stomach.

-It showed various therapeutic characteristics in Gl system such as inhibition of mucosal damage in stomach, relieving constipation and alleviating nausea.


Use as remedy for management of different ailments, especially for management of digestive disorders.

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