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Starmoto-P SR Gold Tablets

COMPOSITION – Each uncoated bilayered tablet Aceclofenac IP 200mg (In sustained release form)+Paracetamol IP 650 mg


Aceclofenac + Paracetamol

  • Exerts rapid pain relief compared with monotherapy in the management of acute painful OA flare-up
  • Superior tolerability and decreased side effects than diclofenac
  • Most popular analgesic and anti inflammatory drug used for the relief of Rheumatic & osteoarthritic pain’
  • Advantage of sustained release formulation provides patient compliance.
  • Prevents worsening of arthritis by reducing IL-1 in polymorphonuclear cells.
  • Significantly lowers incidence of adverse reaction as compared to meloxicam or rofecoxib.
  • Provides more rapid improvement in knee flexion than piroxicam offers in 15 days of treatment.

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