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Prius Mom Powder

An extra care for Healthy Gestation


COMPOSITION – Nutrition supplement, women Protein Formula, Cardamom Enriched with Dry Fruits, Rich in Protein and Folic Acid, Supplement for Brain and Body Nutrition, Nutritional Supplement for pregnant and Breastfeeding mother.



  • Neutral tube defects
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation


Prius Mom Powder


  • Improves fetal growth and reduces the risk of fetal and neonatal death
  • Reduces the risk of small gestational age infants, especially among undernourished pregnant women
  • Maintains a healthy blood sugar level
  • Reduces 41% of stillbirths dure to NTDs (neural tube defects)
  • Eliminate blood toxin and reduces cholesterol deposition in the heart during pregnancy
  • Reduces abnormal cell reproduction and helps in proper brain development
  • Provides necessary nutrition for healthy development of Baby
  • Maintains folate adequacy in the lactating women

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