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Minoliv 10 ml Injection 1Amp

Restores the Vitality in Life


COMPOSITION: L-Ornithine + L-Aspartate 5g Infusion

  • Effective in lowering ammonia levels and improves liver function, mental status, and brain function without the adverse events of using lactulore.
  • Highly effective in the treatment of high ammonia levels or when a patient’s liver function is extremely poor.


L-Ornithine L-Asparate

  • Shows improvement in Hepatic Encephalopathy patients by reducing the serum ammonia concentration compared with the placebo/no-intervention control.
  • Works by increasing the generation of urea through the urea cycle by turning ammonia into the neutral substance urea.
  • Exhibits potent hepatoprotective properties against chemically-induced hepatotoxicity.

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