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Little GRO Powder

Help The Little Ones Grow To Their Full Potential


COMPOSITION – DHA, Calcium, Pre-Probiotics, Taurine, L-Caraitine, Vitamin D

  • Support proper growth, Development and Good Health for Children.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to many diseases and delayed development.
  • Body’s proper metabolism is dependment on adequate level of vitamin and minerals.




One of the best nutritional supplements for kids to support growth and development it contains 38 essential vitamins, improves gut health, helps in brain development, and boosts immunity.


  • It helps support their cognitive, social, and physical development by promoting visual acuity and retinal development, performance on measures of language and cognition, and mental & motor skill development.
  • A healthy response to allergies.


  • Supports digestive health and immune health of children.


  • An essential amino acids for newborns as they don’t produce it naturally.
  • Supports neurological and muscular function.


  • Helps maintain strong bones and teeth. Assists in muscle contraction & nerve stimulations.


  • Helps move fatty acids to cells in order to turn them into energy.

Vitamin D

  • Essential for bone growth and development. Helps in calcium absorption and better motor development.

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