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Little GRO Mango Powder

COMPOSITION – Kids Nutrition Supplement to Support Growth & Development,38 essential nutrients,improves gut health,boosts immunity,helps brain development,fortified with probiotics,prebiotics,DHA alphanso mango


  • It helps support their cognitive, social, and physical development by promoting visual acuity and retinal development, performance on measures of language and cognition, mental & motor skill development.
  • A healthy response to allergies.


  • Supports digestive health and immune health of children.


  • An essential amino acids for newborns as they don’t produce it naturally.
  • Supports neurological and muscular function.


  • Helps maintain strong bones and teeth. Assists in muscle contraction & nerve stimulations.


  • Helps move fatty acids to cells in order to turn them into energy.

Vitamin D

  • Essential for bone growth and development. Helps in calcium absorption and better motor development.

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