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Inovital Tablets

Rejuvenates The Body & Health


COMPOSITION – Grape seed extract, Ginseng Extract, L-gultamine, Lutein, Spirulina, Biotin With Vitamins & Minerals

  • Rational combination of anti-oxidants. adaptogens, protein, vitamins & minerals for maintenance of compete Health.
  •  Protect the against oxidative stress  by combating the harmful effect of free radicals.
  •  Helps bridge the gap of dietary deficiency of nutrients.
  •  Protects against a variety of age related diseases and lifestyle related disorders.
  • Work to restore the Body to a better state of health in every dimension.
  • Found to be useful for heart disease, diabetes ,Hypertension, arthritis and many other diseases and disorders.


  • Old age
  • Maintenance of general health
  • Diabetes and heart Disease
  • Prolonged illness

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