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Folive-Forte Tablets

A supplement to complement Health


COMPOSITION – Methylcobalamin IP 1500 mcg + L Methylfolate 1 mg +Pyridoxine Phosphate 0.5 mg


  • Pregnancy
  • CoRx for Geriatrics
  • Convalescence

Folive-Forte Tablets



  • Well absorbed even when gastrointestinal pH is attained and bioavailability is not affected by metabolic defects
  • Essential nutrient for many body processes including hormone metabolism, DNA synthesis homocysteine metabolism & nervous system function
  • An active form of folate that requires no additional metabolic steps to be utilized by the body
  • Reduces the potential for making hematological symptoms of Vitamin B, deficiency
  • Reduces the level of homocysteine Nutrient 2013, May 8; 5(5) 1531-43
  • Additional catalase of methyl tetra hydro folate leads to a reduction in neural tube defect by>20% Am J Clin Nutr. 2000 may 71(5 suppl.) 13085-115
  • Use of Methylfolate among women of reproductive age reduces the incidence of birth defects


  • Keeps bring down elevated homocysteine levels in pregnant women
  • Ensures safer outcomes in pregnancy
  • Helps relieve women from nausea & vomiting associated with pregnancy


  • Along with folic acid it helps reduce risk of cancer, dementia, depression and heart disease.

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