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Dobushield Capsules

COMPOSITION – Each hard gelatin contains: Calcium Dobesilate Monohydrate IP Equivalent to calciumDobesilate anhydrous 500mg. 

Calcium Dobesilate Monohydrate

* Calcium dobesilate is a vascular protective compound, the most effective member of a new family of efficient fibroblast growth factor inhibitors.

* Effective in the treatment of rosacea and psoriasis which are clinical manifestations associated with excessive angiogenesis and the overexpression of vascular endothelial growth factor.

* Calcium dobesilate acts favorably on the evolution of diabetic retinopathy by restoring the integrity of the microvessels and lowering blood viscosity.

* Oral calcium dobesilate treatment provides an efficient, fast, and safe symptomatic relief from acute symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease.

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