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Cymolife Plus Tablets


Trypsin BP 48 mg + Bromelain 90 mg + Rutoside Trihydrate BP100 mg

Cymolife Plus Tablets



• A proteolytic enzyme, provides smooth digestion and also reduces inflammation & fighting infections

• Increases break up of pathogenic immune complexes and prevent their formation by enhancing lymphatic drainage


• A protein extract, beneficial in the elimination of burn debris and in the acceleration of healing

• Inhibits arachidonic acid pathway of inflammation by decreasing thromboxane, changing the ration of thromboxane/prostacyclin and inhibiting PGE2


-A natural flavone derivative, inhibits platelet aggregation and decreases capillary permeability making the blood thinner & improves circulation

• Prevents venous edema & capillary fragility

Bromelain, Trypsin and Rutoside fixed dose combination is very potent and safe relieving oedema, inflammation and promotes wound healing

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