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Cymolife-A Tablets


Each film coated tablet contains: 50,000 USP units enzymaticactivity (equivalent to Trypsin activity to 20 mg of USP Trypsin )supplied by the purifed concentrate which has specific Trypsinand Chymotrypsin activity in a ratio of approximately 6:1(gastro Resistant ) Aceclofenc IP 100 mg Excipients q.s

Cymolife-A Tablets


Trypsin Chymotrypsin

  • Effective for reducing redness and swelling associated with injuries,infections¹
  • Anti-inflammatory reduces tissue damage and formation of fibrin clots during inflammation
  • Effective for oedema and pain associated with hand fractures, osteoarthritis


  • Excellent analgesic that effectively reduces pain & inflammation Exhibits preferential Cox2 blockade therapy by demonstrating better
  • safety profile than conventional NSAIDs

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